Estima Hybrid

Estima Hybrid

The Estima Hybrid is the world’s first four-wheel-drive people carrier, with an auto gearbox – however the difference lies underneath.

The Estima Hybrid incorporates a 97Kw 2.4-litre VVT-i petrol engine and a 13Kw electric unit to power the front wheels, and a 18Kw electric motor to drive the rear. The VVT-i petrol engine is higher in capacity than other Prius hybrids in order to handle the increase weight of the vehicle. At 1950 Kg it is 260 Kg heavier but surprisingly fuel economy is 5.6 litres per 100 Km compared to 9.8 litres per 100 Km for the standard vehicle.

During normal driving, the petrol engine does all the work, but put your foot down and all three motors whir into life to provide maximum thrust. At urban speeds, the petrol power plant cuts out entirely, and the two electric motors propel the car with zero emissions and in perfect silence.

Cornering control and stability are improved by activating the rear-wheel motor when it’s needed. The battery is charged automatically, recycling energy normally wasted under braking, while an efficient CVT gearbox is the icing on the technological cake.

All is well until the hybrid battery looses capacity. To make matters worse the battery is also a cut down version of 30 cell modules ( 216 volts ) to save cost. Without the contribution of the EV drive the petrol engine struggles with the weight and the transmission comes under great strain and often fails leading to very high repair cost.

All our Estima Hybrids sold are equipped with our patented Power Jockey technology. This gives added power to the EV motors compensating for the loss in performance from a weakened battery from age.

Power Jockey installed in the Estima Hybrid

Stock No :
Model :
Year : Estima Hybrid
Colour : 5 Door
Type : 7 seater
Engine CC : 2362
Electric Drive : 13kW Front, 18kW Rear
Economy : 5.6 Km / 100Km
Transmission : CVT
Weight : 1950

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